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What we do

Customer lifecycle communication (CLC)

Striata is passionate about creating meaningful connections and relationships between our clients and their customers. The Striata CLC solution helps to entrench those all important personal relationships and increase retention by defining the relevant communication touch points and finding the best intersection between your customer’s stage in the lifecycle, their needs and wants and your overall business goals. Through a deep understanding of email best practice and a strong strategic focus, customized communications can be pre-determined and set-up beforehand. Customers will receive relevant messages, depending on not only their lifecycle stage, but also intelligent profiling. Communication triggers are built around behavior, action and even inaction and can be triggered at the right time, via the right channel. From effective on-boarding to reactivation campaigns, we can consult on and construct communication triggers that get results. “Check out these great reads” – Ed:

5 Ways to personalize emails for better open rates and resultsThe Power of Email in Loyalty

Customer Lifecycle Communications
Social Media Sharing

Social sharing

Give your subscribers the ability to share certain or all content onto their preferred or all social networks. This let’s them share ‘share worthy’ content from their email onto social media networks in a manner relevant to the network chosen. We only encourage share integration when the content is share worthy:

  1. Trustworthy – Brand and source of content or offer is widely known and trusted
  2. Obvious – Essence of the email content to be shared is obvious, simple to grasp
  3. Easy to Share – Sharing links are easy to find and use
  4. Creates Value – Must provide value or recipients will not share
  5. Rewards/Incentivizes

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Customer preference center including subscribes and consent

A preference center helps address a few other niggles facing today’s digital marketer  – such as keeping a customer database up to date.

No more nagging your customers for updated details (“nagging isn’t cool” – Ed) -They can keep their own information up to date. Given their changing needs combined with the number of times they may change email addresses each year, it is imperative that customers have an easy way to update personal and preference information.

A preference center will also allow marketers to improve the relevance of their digital communications and therefore improve engagement. It also puts the customer in control –  customers expect to be in control of email communications and the relationship with the sender, especially with increasing concerns about security

What to ask in a preference center:

  • Personal info other than contact detail – gender, age
  • Preference and interests
  • Frequency of communications
  • Region/Geo
  • Preferred Channel

We can set up your preference center …

Preference Centers


Online customers that use email

Automated Communication

Automated communication

When properly planned and smartly implemented, triggered messages form the backbone of your lifecycle communication plan. Triggered by an interaction or a time period, these messages are highly personalized and entirely relevant in both content and time. They are also automated, so you can rely on your customer receiving pertinent messaging (“even when you’re on the beach” – Ed).

Triggered communications are designed to build a relationship with your customer and to drive desired actions over time.

For more about automated communication, read these great blog posts:

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Scheduled campaigns

Don’t dismiss the power of the monthly email newsletter. It may seem old school, but it doesn’t have to be. With fresh design, relevant content and the right offers, the ol’ scheduled campaign has a mighty role to play in your digital strategy.

Our customers achieve some of their best results in both engagement and call-to-action using a regular monthly or weekly communication – so can you!

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Multichannel Integrated Marketing

Multichannel distribution

The digital marketing landscape keeps changing. After the email boom came the mobile explosion. Not only do we need to cater for brand new devices, but we have to stay on top of consumers who are fundamentally changing their behavior. As a marketer, you cannot simply do what you did last year. You are now marketing in a Digital World. Now is the time to reach your customer where they spend their online time. The first trick is to ask which channel they prefer (email, text, MMS, social media) and then tailor your communication plan to honor that preference. Optimize your email communications for mobile viewing…

Striata Multichannel Customer Communication White Paper

Tags: SPAM, Phishing, Test emails, SPF, DMARC, DKIM, Welcome Program, Set up, Technical set up, Perfect Email, Email structure, Bounced email, Reporting, Reporting Analysis, Authentication, Content Filtering, Email verification, Sender Score

Print Providers looking to reach their digital goals and achieve true multichannel communications should leverage the power of email and mobile messaging... This white paper explains why a specialist partner is needed for deep domain expertise and technical know-how

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“Dig deeper into the digital world with these great reads – Ed”:

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In 2015, 60% of marketers said that email was a critical enabler of products and services and an integral touch point along the customer journey, with 73% saying email marketing is core to their business – SourceSalesforce


Response-based communication

There are two ways to learn about your customers: gathering behavioral data and asking. The objective of response-based communication is to get information directly from the recipient by enabling and encouraging a response. From a simple event invitation or opinion poll to a full-blown customer survey; we know how to elicit and manage campaign responses. We also know how to present the resulting data in a way that is useful to either human or machine, or both. We can help you …

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Response Based Messaging
Integration Into Client Systems

Integration into client systems

Graphs are nice, but marketing intelligence is loads better. We don’t only produce the impressive reports for your management pack. As data and integration specialists, we use every available channel to bring information such as leads, ‘call me’ actions and responses back to where it is most valuable. That’s where the real magic happens.

Nothing floats our boat more than being able to close the loop on a marketing objective from distribution and delivery, through engagement and activity, right to measurement of the ultimate goal. Like going further than just lead generation, we make following up on hot leads easy by sending the information to your system in the format you need it.

Keen to know more about our fully integrated solution? Get in touch…

Creative design

Email designers work in a very specialized space (“some call it a ‘zone’”- Ed): producing fresh, attention-grabbing creative that doesn’t push too hard against the client’s visual identity and also works across devices. This can be tough, but our team of awesome creative designers just keep on delighting our customers. Email design: what’s trending? If you pay attention to just two words around email design, it should be: mobile and simple. It’s no longer good enough to say you ‘do responsive design’ for mobile email (“that’s so last season”- Ed). All design should be mobile-friendly. Period. This means the death of the busy, crammed, multi-tasking email and the rise of the simple, single action email that looks great on mobile and catches the attention of an on the-move, short attention-span audience. Integrated campaigns need to work across digital channels and devices, while offering a similar experience. Your audience may start reading an email on their mobile over lunch; park it – to read on their tablet later; but only end up actioning it on their PC at work the next day. This requires design that offers ‘experience equivalence’ – a seamless transition between an individual’s various windows into your communication or campaign.

Read these great posts on email design:

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Creative Design
Strategic Consultation


Just because you’re executing through a digital channel, doesn’t mean your goals are the same as the next email sender. To run a successful campaign, we need to know your key business drivers and to measure the impact of our work not in awards and glory, but on how well we have met (and exceeded!) your business goals.

We understand that giving us insight into your business drivers makes you feel vulnerable, but it also gives the team the best possible chance of making sweet music together (“Oooh and I love music!” – Ed).

Want help with your digital strategy?

Message types

We understand that effective communications means happy, loyal customers (“and we love making people happy!” – Ed). We will help you develop super awesome customer communications that engage with customers at various stages of their purchasing lifecycle, in response to a transaction or various marketing messages…. Put simply – We know how to make your digital communications Rock!

  • Customer lifecycle communications (CLC)
  • Transactional notifications
  • Marketing messages
  • Response based campaigns
Message Types


With over a billion (“smirking while holding pinky finger at corner of mouth” – Ed) messages sent by Striata in just the last 4 years, we know all about distribution.

Knowing what works best for your customers can only come from A/B testing. Will the ♥ symbol in your subject line improve open rates? Does using “sale now on!” as a subject line result in higher click throughs to the sale page or even increase sales? Whether it is time of day, call to action placement, subject line or even color of an important button, we know how to put A up against B, help you get the best results and ultimately send the best version of your email.

It doesn’t end there, your optimized emails must be successfully delivered. Data hygiene, continuous action for bounced email and DKIM, DMARC and SPF make up the technical stuff that has to be implemented. Although this technical authentication is important, remember to consider content, sender score and feedback loop monitoring to ensure your email navigates the detour and hazards that are junk mail folders and spam filters on its journey to the inbox.

Share your social media content strategy with us or simply add social shares to your email campaign and measure. Either way, email marketers love to be social. It is essential to attract customers with short or funny messages in 140 characters before you tell the story or get more personal and relevant with email, that’s why we are experts at integrating social media and email.

Some more stuff to read about deliverability…

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Striata Deliverability White Paper

Tags: eMarketing, Email Marketing, mobile email, mobile marketing, smart phone marketing, smart phone email, mobile devices, multichannel, multidevices, mobile optimized, responsive, Testing for mobile, designing for mobile

Inbox placement and deliverability isn't guaranteed by merely adjusting email content to prevent your email from being labelled as spam - numerous factors cause deliverability issues, each of which must be focused on, monitored and reported, to ensure the best possible inbox placement rate. Do you want to cut through the 'tech-speak' and unlock the secrets to getting your email into your customer's inbox? Here are 7 steps you can take to ensure better deliverability...

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Data management

It’s all about the data! Email marketing isn’t just about promoting a brand, product or company using email. It’s a science where data is used as the kingpin to achieve strategies, drive engagement and of course uplift sales.

Without the correct data, embarking on a successful email marketing campaign could be a futile exercise. You need customer data in order to remain relevant, target your customer base and to trigger communications – not only when an action is taken, but also based on matching preferences or previous activity history.

  • Keeping your data current
  • Recording customer preference
  • Managing consent and subscribers
  • Cleaning email addresses

Don’t let your data be a stumbling block – take a smoother journey to email marketing success!

We will show you the way…

List Management


Email is not web and not all email clients were created equally. When it comes to development and coding best practice, it is all about knowing and understanding the restrictions of HTML email and the limitations of the various email clients. The result of this understanding is email that works well. All the awesome stuff like video in email, dynamic content, social integration and customization is all due to great coding and development. Multiple devices, 1 inbox – Connected consumers switch between devices throughout the day, and expect a seamless transition, especially for email. This is because there is often only one inbox across all the devices. Email marketing messages need to render well irrespective of device. Clever code replaces the ‘contact us’ button that goes to an online form with a ‘call now’ button depending on viewing device makes for impressive UX. It’s not only about how the email renders but also about ease of use and rearrangement of content and for that you need clever people too (“Just saying…”-Ed). Improve your email marketing ROI even further with automated email marketing like a lifecycle communication program – we bring the messaging skills and experience that will help you achieve the results you expect from your lifecycle communications. Development and coding standards are important, but a custom solution that suits your unique requirements and business need, is what we do best.

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