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Tips and tricks

Mobile is the new black

Marketing in a digital world means reaching and engaging busy people wherever they happen to be.

Here are 4 things to consider:

  1. Design for the mobile device – whether you use responsive, scalable or both types of design – make sure your email template can be viewed optimally on all devices.
  2. Create content for the smaller screen – short subject line, clear message and obvious call to action. Otherwise . . . delete.
  3. Layout for the distracted consumer – on-the-go recipients are interacting with your email using fat fingers on touch screens. Enough said.
  4. Your testing must evolve – to cover more devices, more screen sizes, the click/touch user experience and like always, to measure what works best to achieve the goal. Sound complicated? It is. That’s why we’re in business.

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Successful Newsletters

Successful newsletters

Don’t underestimate the value of the classic email newsletter.

5 Tips to keep your newsletter on track:

  1. Know your audience and make sure your content is relevant.
  2. Establish clear goals for the newsletter-what do you want your recipients to feel / do / share?
  3. Keep the message simple– don’t cram, jam or over-complicate your content.
  4. Encourage dialogue– your recipient feedback is a source of invaluable insight and great ideas.
  5. Facts are boring. Stories are entertaining. Tell a story to get your point across. Your email newsletter’s recipients have subscribed for a reason. Make sure you stay true to what they signed up for!

Avoid spam filters

The journey of the legitimate, permission-based marketing email can seem unfairly perilous. One of the common hazards to overcome is the spam filter which can occur at various points in the trip.

Here are 3 golden rules to avoid getting blocked:

  1. Protect your reputation– your past behavior is used to score your risk as a Sender. Keep your reputation clean by being consistent, relevant and by keeping your data current.
  2. Test using a spam tool– remove elements that will increase your risk – words, fonts, colors, images, from address and code ratios can all impact your spam rating.
  3. Comply – the large free mail services have their own specific set of requirements to deliver mail to their users. Comply. End of story.’
Spam Filters